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VOM Module 10 and CVCP Recertification Seminar for CO & NE


All new and updated materials, a huge and valuable body of applicable data.
• Somato-Visceral and Myofascial Release Methods
• Percussive Therapy as an adjunct to VOM
• Updated regulations and applications
• Saturday: Small animal hands-on
• Sunday: Large animal hands-on


Product Description

Date & Time:

April 18 Saturday:  !-6 PM
April 19th Sunday: 9AM – 2PM (!0 CE hours for CO and NE)

Call Dr Bill Inman to register 208-640-3430 cell PST.
Space limited, so register early.
(NE practitioners needing CE hours to maintain certification: be advised this will be the only recertification seminar delivered this year. There will not be one in NE this year unfortunately)

VOM Module 10

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of Pertinent Clinical Theory on the VOM Technology.
  3. Technique
  4. Reading patterns
  5. Considerations and Review of Module 2
  6. Clinical Hands-On Application is Inserted Here for the Live Course
  7. VOM Module 3, Equine and Feline Applications
  8. Veterinary Somato-Visceral Therapy
  9. Percussive Therapy in the Use of the Vibracussor Instrument
  10. Veterinary Somato-Visceral Therapy
  11. Veterinary Myofascial Release Therapy VMRT
  12. Acceleration of Healing Cycle Using Myofascial Release and Somato-Visceral Therapy
  13. Veterinary Percussive Therapy VPT
  14. Frequency-Specific Low Level Laser Therapy
  15. Neurobiomodulation
  16. Structuralism
  17. CNS Central Pain Sensitization
  18. Manual Animal Chiropractic Practices
  19. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture & Repair; Theory & Confirmation Bias
  20. Neurobiomodulation Versus Surgery
  21. Disease Processes and the Impulse Towards Healing
  22. Modalities and Devices in Neurobiomodulation
  23. Levels of Neurobiomodulation
  24. Clinical Scheduling and Success Rates
  25. Financial Considerations Involving Neurobiomodulation
  26. Access to Devices to Deliver Neurobiomodulation
  27. Live Hands-on Section (optional except for recertification exam seminars)
  28. Future of VOM modules and CVCP Recertification Exams