Of the 8369 VOM trained practitioners on our list, 549 of them are non-doctors or what we call “paraprofessionals”. All of them are active and successful and have mastered the VOM and laser technologies and are applying them for their own pets and also other patients.

To be able to take the course and apply the course in our organization and I found that people interested in doing this not only are able to handle the technology and methodology effectively, but they end up being excellent practitioners.

The practice acts in every state, province, and country delineate the application of these technologies is the practice of veterinary medicine if it is done involving payment for services. One can always do this to their own animals without being a graduate doctor or certified in this technology.

Non-doctors who wish to do this work and be compensated for those services are able to do so as long as they involve their services with what is called “veterinary affiliation”.

Veterinary affiliation is defined as a licensed veterinarian in the state, province, or country that is been apprised of a specific animal with a specific owner at a specific location for a specific purpose. Some people describe this as a veterinary referral. What it really means is the veterinarian is aware that this technology is being applied in an adjunct to their own care. At that time the Paraprofessional practitioner is allowed to be paid for their services either directly by the client or through the veterinary affiliate.

A significant number of the 549 paraprofessionals that we have trained in the last 20 years have made a complete profession out of doing this work in their community using one or dozens of veterinary affiliates is a source of cases. This is a win-win scenario for both the practitioner and the veterinary affiliate.

Reasons that the paraprofessional would consider the VOM or frequency specific laser technologies;

  1. Desire to treat their own pets (this alone is usually worth the cost of tuition).
  2. Desire to treat other pets in their own community for the goal of either just helping or financial compensation.
  3. Desire to expand their treatment technologies from a related field such as; physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, animal training, and many others, into a new and related field that is both profitable and successful.
  4. Wanting to create a whole new source of income to adjunct to their existing practice.
  5. Desire to switch completely into animal therapy from another practice for technology as the sole means of practice.
  6. And many others.

A number of people requesting the possibility of this training will ask me if the material is something they can “handle”. The technology is written in a level to where a 13-year-old can understand it. We’ve actually had 13-year-olds take the course, apply the technology, take the examinations, without any difficulty.

Dr. William Inman DVM CVCP reserves the right to limit the technology to paraprofessionals whom he thinks will represent the technology correctly and honestly. He expects the practitioner that is paraprofessional to take the whole course, and encourages that person to become certified (CVCP) which they can do if they’re not a graduate doctor. He is reluctant to sign someone up who just wants to save money by adjusting their dog or their horse. The course is huge and covers essentially the whole aspect of animal adjusting technologies.

The two laser courses that are available are also huge and a bit more advanced but can be assimilated easily be by just about anyone. These courses are much less expensive even though there even larger and more extensive due to the fact that they cannot be applied and less the practitioner owns and operates a frequency specific laser of the right power level and the right wavelength. (Please see equipment Section on this website).

Dr. Inman would be delighted to discuss the availability and applicability of this course to paraprofessionals live on a telephone call and can be reached at; 888-935-4866 Monday through Friday 9 to 5 Pacific standard Time and encourages you to contact him directly.

Please feel free to contact Dr. William Inman at; 888-935-4866 or email him at drbill@vomtech.com.