Veterinary Horizons Mastermind Group


“Why are some VOM-LASER Practitioners 5X more successful than others?”

“What are they doing right?”

Are you part of the 10% of VOM/Laser Practitioners that are optimizing the use of these sub-specialties in your practice? If you are currently practicing VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation) and/or Cold Laser Therapy in your practice and are interested in how to best utilize this sub-specialty and many others, this course is for you.

Consider the Exclusive Veterinary Horizons Mastermind Group #1

This 2-day VOM-LASER Mastermind Course will no doubt be the most valuable and applicable seminar you will have taken thus far. You will:

  • Learn from the BEST in the industry, not just advanced VOM and Laser Therapy

  • Each of 12 members will bring a $10K practice idea, program, application or method to the group

  • Each member benefits at least $110K as soon as they sit down with the Mastermind Group

  • Mastermind Group meets once or twice yearly at attractive retreat but stay connected weekly

  • Proprietary access to special media and communication lines for “Virtual Meetings” and “Brainstorming”

  • Proven Mastermind techniques that will magnify your success both professionally & financially

  • Acquire TIPS & TRICKS associated with application and implementation

  • Set Advertising, Outflow and Promotion Goals

  • Learn how to use Social Media to benefit your practice

  • Gain knowledge on Financial Management

  • Get information on how to add more synergistic modalities to your practice

  • Learn from your peers- the best source of knowledge

Also get the latest information on the VOM Technology and Cold Laser Therapy from William L. Inman DVM, CVCP, the founder of the VOM Technology.

Come Join the Best of The Best!

This is the first Mastermind Course to be delivered to Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioners (CVCP’s and other qualified animal practitioners) or more information on the VOM-LASER Mastermind Course, call Dr. Inman direct at 1-888-935-4866.