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    Users testimonials

    “Maia is a 3-year old Great Dane who presented with Wobbler’s. After assessing the dog, I decided I could help her. I treated her with laser. I also did VOM technique and adjusted her. The dog responded great. When she initially came in, her owner had to have a special harness on her so she could pick her up. After 4 treatments over a 20-day period she was literally skipping and bounding into the clinic. She has not returned at this point because she has not needed to.”

    Dr. Shalona J. McFarland DC

    “Foxie, a 3 ½ year old Corgie, came into office with paralysis of rear legs. The owners carried her in. There was no movement of back legs. This was the last resort. The vet suggested to try VOM as an option. On the 5th visit we got movement of legs. With VOM and frequent laser applications Foxie got full use of her rear legs. The rest is history. She ran around the office with a mild limp and then to have regained use of her legs. Everyone is happy! Thanks to VOM and Dr. Inman for all of his great advice and helping us through this case.”

    Mary A. Walters

    “Tigger was an 11-year old dachshund that had been battling mega colon for 2-3 years. Had to have stool mechanically removed every 3-6 months. Owner called to have him euthanized 2 weeks after attending the VOM Seminar. She consented to trying VOM. Tigger showed improvement right away. Three months later we started weaning him off Cisapride and has been going daily since.”

    Diana E. Raddatz DVM

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