Here’s the opportunity of that we have for you:


  • There are four huge modules (one through four) of basic frequency specific low-level laser therapy available for download in an interactive course involving PDF text and PowerPoint presentations. Each course was delivered on a yearly basis for the first four years starting in 2006.
  • Each course was two days of lecture and application delivered in Coeur d’Alene Idaho.
  • Each course each year cost $599, total cost $2396. But will let you have it all for $599 or the cost of one course. Essentially, four for the price of one.
  • There are four other huge modules (five through eight) of advanced laser applications.
  • They too were charged out at $599 per course per year for the next four years ending in July 2015.
    We will offer you all four of those modules for $599, total cost another $2396.
  • So you get all of those advanced modules for the cost of one.


  • You also have the opportunity to decide on which device that best fits your practice.
  • The devices list from $4950 up to $23,000.
  • They have a money back guarantee and are purchased
    directly from the manufacturer not from me.
  • (I’m always available for people who engage in this technology to advise them on to which device would work the best for their practice. They all work, and they all work marvelously well. There are distinct advantages to the various models.)
  • Of course all devices can be purchased and will function right out-of-the-box. Of course all devices can be purchased and will function right out-of-the-box, and will
    allow you to start applying this technology immediately.

We encourage you to fine-tune your application immediately with one of the training certification packages above to jump start your application and practice success. Again contact me if you have any questions at: 888-935-4866.

The longer you wait, the longer you delay your practices professional and financial success

Imagine a practice where you:

  • can treat just about any disease process, effectively and safely.

  • Do not have to worry about whether your offering your clients a healing solution that is either not very effective or too expensive.

  • are convinced in your heart that you’re doing the very best you can to extend the life
    and the quality of your clients pets.

  • never have to look at a black bag with that the feeling of despair that you may not have been able to do all you could for that case.

  • never have to look at a black bag with that the feeling of despair that you may not have been able to do all you could for that case.

  • never have a case compromised because of lack of funds by the owner.

  • have a destination practice where people seek you out for your reputational ability to solve problems.

  • Change the demographics of your practice from 20% of your clientele generating 80% of your income, and doubling or tripling that to say, 40% of your client generating 160% of yourprevious income.

  • that increase in income is all profit.

  • A practice subspecialty that does not have to be advertised and generates new clients organically that continues to snowball from now on and on into the future without letup.

  • A practice subspecialty that no one in your area does, and thus has no competition, (for now).

  • a practice subspecialty that continues to generate new clients even in a community who is demographically saturated, (this means you get class a clients from your colleagues and practices near you)

you have opportunity

Option One:

  • you can click on this link: HTTP://, and choose the basic laser course (VL3T modules one through four), or the advanced laser course (VL3T modules five through eight), or both then you will be sent an email for the secured course site which will then also have a password the lowly LU to take the course at your convenience. We have over hundred practitioners using the site. Each course is a certification course, and taking the course first allows you to decide better how to decide on option two below.
  • These devices come to you already set up for frequency specific laser therapy and can be used right out-of-the-box.
  •  You can learn as you go.
  • Once you’ve paid for the device several times over (usually 10 weeks or so) you can decide to extend your knowledge and application by optioning the courses above.

Option Two:

You can choose to purchase a frequency specific laser using the contact information below. (here is where we make you contact a real person who is directly responsible for your success with their device and will continue to support you after the sale). We only have you do business with the “head honchos”


  1. The of Avant Laser, ( the newest, the most compact and least expensive laser ($4950)
    can be purchased directly through this contact information (949-862-8268 PST). (You will speak directly with Andy Hewitson, the genius that designed and built the LZ30 Laser, or his associate Dr Mason Ettinger. No voice mail or sales associate, the the head guy.To make sure you get the best price please make sure to mention that you got to them through my organization for the best price).
  2. The Erchonia Touch Laser, (approximately $11,000-$13,000) can be had by ordering through external Erchonia reps listed below.
  3. The Erchonia Veterinary Laser System or VLS, (approximately $10,000)
  4. The Erchonia EVL Laser a red-violet laser (approximately $13-$14,000)
  5. The Erchonia Base Station, a three headed laser system that represents the state-of-the art in laser therapy, (approximately $24,000).


Erchonia Medical Lasers ( External Representatives ( these are amazing people with whom I have worked for over 15 years and can get you the absolute best price on these devices (much better often than a direct order from the Erchonia,com website:

  1. Penny Sneed 602-717-8321 (Penny is one of Erchonia’s most successful external reps, she lives in Arizona)

  2. Dianne Southwick 425-238-1395 (Diane is a delightful and knowledgeable rep who lives in the Seattle Area)

  3. Greg Mermigas 561-271-8692 (Greg has been in the industry for a long time and resides in Southern Florida) 


Option Three:

Frankly, whether you start with option one or option two you invariably find the technology so effective that you either upgrade the laser you already have or you add the basic or advanced laser certification courses to your repertoire of applications for the laser you originally chose.