Animal Adjusting and Laser Therapy Products That Work

For the last 19 years we have used several products that have been incredibly effective, simple and profitable in the animal therapy field.

Practitioners who have taken advantage of these products in their practices average a $2000 to $4000 monthly profit.

They buy it wholesale and resell it retail, (not a multi-level marketing product) and it effectively solves problems that you would use a supplement to address

Dr Mark Bussan DC, CVCP a successful chiropractor and 20 year VOM Practitioner suggested I use these products in 1998 and we found that they did not block the “reads” used in VOM Technology as the other glucosamine products (Cosaquin), were much faster working and were cheaper.

Routinely we send a bottle home with everyone who takes a live VOM Course and 40% of the end up ordering the product and continues to use it for years.

Most practitioners who send these products home for their animal patients, end up taking the products themselves (I do, human version of course) and find when they discontinue the supplement for as little as 4 days they feel a distinct difference in their ability to move and function without pain.

Personally I will not go snow skiing unless I am taking the Joint Rescue Formula. I cannot chase my kids and dogs up and down the stairs in my home when I am not taking this supplement. I know, I have tried.

Animals show increased activity and mobility that the client will recognize in as little as 5 days, and when they run out of their supply, after about 5 days they will notice a reduction in activity and pain-free mobility.

Joint Rescue Formula

Any musculoskeletal or neuro-muscular pain or problem including old age arthritic pain goes on Joint Rescue Formula routinely for the duration of the problem or as a maintenance supplement. Most people when they see the results will keep their pets on it forever when they won’t take a supplement themselves. Many people want to take the human version of the product which was what it was primarily designed.

Vet-zyme Plus 

Any gastro-intestinal, digestive, malabsorptive or dietary sensitivity problem will go on the Vet-zyme Plus product that is just sprinkled into their food (dry or wet, no pre-treatmet of food required), for the duration of the problem or if they continually need it to assimilate their diet.

SuperHydroxybutyric Acid (HBA-Plus)

Animals on continual medications, are toxic, exposed to envirnmental chemicals, insecticides, or most flea and heartworm medications go on SuperHydroxybutyric Acid (HBA-Plus). daily for up to 90 days to effectively detox them and optimise their liver, enteric, and neurological functions.

Overweight animals are treated with Super HBA-Plus as well as this product “wrings out” the toxins and heavy metals sequestered in body fat and leaves a metabolizable fat storage that is available to the animal’s metabolism, and not only detoxifies the body, but reduces total fat as well. (ie. 26# fat dachshund takes 2 capsules daily with food and drops to 16# in three months = 2 bottles). Simple detox in all mammals including humans is 4-6 weeks (1 bottle).

So you can see, these are regimens easily adapted to an animal practice and in lieu of other products that you might us to address these problems, we use these supplements as standard practice and their use in your practice grows and grows to a significant level, hence the $2K-$4K increased monthly profit.

I am not a “vitamin veterinarian”, I can’t stand sending home a recommended product if the client is not going to use it, it doesn’t work well, or the client can’t get it into the pet. So I have in my practice:

Dr Inman’s Rules for Anything Sent Home With the Client


  • Any supplement cannot block the VOM Reads (most all products do) which negates the diagnostic benefit of the VOM Technology. Any joint or cartilage-directed product except pure glucosamine sulfate (Joint Rescue Formula) will block the VOM reads.
  • Has to work not just well, but very well, it has to work fast (5-7 days) and if the owner stops the supplement, it has to be obvious that they were benefiting from the product.
  • They have to be able to easily get it into the pet including cats and horses
  • It has to be inexpensive. Cosaquin and other product are very expensive, even when purchased at Walmart, Costco, and Petco.


  • No multi-level marketing nonsense, you buy it from the manufacturer wholesale and sell it retail, no middleman.
  • The client cannot get this specific recommended product anywhere else (Costco, Walmart, Petco) at a cheaper price making it look like we are “price gouging” them. And lastly and most importantly:
  • When the client runs out of the product, they jump in the car and come to your place of business to buy some more and are happy to get it. They see it as a valuable addition to the health and well being of their pet (even if they won’t take good care of their own health).


Any product, supplement, lotion, or potion that doesn’t fit into these 7 rules, I don’t have time for, and neither should you. Mediocre products that are expensive and don’t work well, that the client cannot get into their pet, not only will not be used by the client to benefit the pet, but will waste your clients money It will waste you and your staff’s time and ultimately your professional reputation in your client’s eyes. Not good for referrals which is the “life’s blood” of a growing practice.

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