Call Dr. Kallenbach at 352-220-0183 for more information and to register for courses MAY 18 & 19, 2024 (Sat & Sun) With a Meet & Greet Friday night to also reminisce and pay homage to Dr. Bill. CRYSTAL RIVER, FL (Closest airport is Tampa)


This HANDS-ON course is ONLY offered to those practitioners who are already trained in VOM
(you must have taken either the in-person or online course in the past). This course will cap at
40 practitioners to allow sufficient hands-on instruction.

It was Dr. Bill’s wish to once again offer the invaluable hands-on courses of VOM and laser after
recovering from a football-sized cancerous tumor. Although he fought valiantly, the tumor
overtook his body. He had put into place the doctors he wished to continue to teach and mentor
others so that more animals could be healed and we are committed to continue his legacy.

He described these hands-on courses as “meetings of the minds” as like-minded practitioners
will inspire and share with one another their successes throughout the weekend course. It is an
invaluable way to connect with other colleagues practicing the same therapies who then
becomes a source of wealth and knowledge for questions on future cases.

This refresher course will cover: The VOM Review, Theory & Technique, Equipment, Records,
Cases, Workup, Precautions and Hands-On Live Animal Experience with Canine, Feline and
Equine, and Use of Frequency-Specific Low Level Laser Therapy.

Hosted and directed by Patricia Kallenbach DVM, CVCP, LMT of The Healing Place.