VOM Technology

VOM was developed by William L. Inman BS, BS, DVM, CVCP, in Seattle, WA, in Dr. Inman’s clinical practice from July of 1982 to 1996. It continues to be enhanced and perfected due to the input of over 6700 practitioners worldwide who have taken the VOM Technology training.

VOM Seminars

VOM Module One


(Intensive p.m. course, No Hands-On)

  • Learn technology & apply next day
  • Includes 60-min video
  • Includes 110-pg text



VOM Module Two


(Plus Hands-On Instruction)


  • Advanced techniques & procedures
  • Includes 90-min video
  • Includes 120-pg text




VOM Module Three


(Plus Hands-On Instruction)

  • Last of 3-part certification series in the (AAP) Accelerated Accreditation Program
  • Special techniques for horses and cats

Somato-Visceral, Myofascial Release Technique VOM Module Four

  • Somato-Visceral and Myofascial Release Techniques
  • Techniques and procedures for autonomic nerve related diseases.
  • Includes 90 min video and 110 page text

  • Techniques for dogs, cats, horses and cows

Advanced Modalities Module Five

  • -Techniques and methods for advanced applications and modalities on the horse, dog and cat, applicable to all animals, done after the basic stable presentations are made.
  • Sunday afternoons 12:30-4:30 to end of program
  • Advanced applications of the Veterinary Cold Laser, Vetrostim, Alphasonic, and Vibracussor devices along with clinical applications of extremity adjusting, practice management and business structure.
  • Common approaches to diseases of the hoof and hock.

Take Modules 1-5 for $1,525

Class size is limited to 20 for intensive training. Call early to reserve space!

Please call: 888-935-4VOM or 888-935-4866 or Reserve Your Space Online!