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Written Testimonials


“Maia is a 3-year old Great Dane who presented with Wobbler’s. After assessing the dog, I decided I could help her. I treated her with laser. I also did VOM technique and adjusted her. The dog responded great. When she initially came in, her owner had to have a special harness on her so she could pick her up. After 4 treatments over a 20-day period she was literally skipping and bounding into the clinic. She has not returned at this point because she has not needed to.”
Dr. Shalona J. McFarland DC
“Tigger was an 11-year old dachshund that had been battling mega colon for 2-3 years. Had to have stool mechanically removed every 3-6 months. Owner called to have him euthanized 2 weeks after attending the VOM Seminar. She consented to trying VOM. Tigger showed improvement right away. Three months later we started weaning him off Cisapride and has been going daily since.”
Diana E. Raddatz DVM
“Case 10 was a 14-year old German Shepherd named Montana that Dr. Brown referred to my office because she was having vestibular issues and was going to have to be put down if I couldn’t help her. I am happy to say that she never experienced a vestibular issue again after beginning VOM treatments.”
Danielle L. Lundy, DC
“Kali, a 13-year old Samoyed cross, presented with an acute right ACL rupture. The owners declined surgery due to her age, even though her health had been quite good. They elected to fit her for a supportive brace and use the brace as often or continuously as needed. She is an active therapy dog, visiting a local children’s hospital as well as nursing homes. (After 5 VOM treatments in the course of 70 days…) The owner is very pleased with Kali’s progress. She is playing and romping like a puppy. The owner does not feel the need to use the brace on a regular basis. She uses it only if she knows they are going on a strenuous hike. The owner thinks it is more for peace of mind than necessity.”
Dr. Carla Fuller
“Jake is a 7-year old small mix breed dog who presented to our hospital on emergency because he suddenly was unable to use his hind legs after playing with his sister (a Chihuahua) at home. After only 1 month of VOM treatments, Jake was almost 100% back to his old self! Jake’s owners couldn’t have been happier with the results of VOM! They tell everyone that VOM saved Jake’s life, and it no doubt did. If we hadn’t tried, he would have been euthanized that first night. Jake comes in for adjustments monthly and is doing fabulously! All traces of his traumatic injury were gone in his stride by the third month. We are so thrilled!”
Northwood Animal Hospital/Jennifer Klabunde
“Foxie, a 3 ½ year old Corgie, came into office with paralysis of rear legs. The owners carried her in. There was no movement of back legs. This was the last resort. The vet suggested to try VOM as an option. On the 5th visit we got movement of legs. With VOM and frequent laser applications Foxie got full use of her rear legs. The rest is history. She ran around the office with a mild limp and then to have regained use of her legs. Everyone is happy! Thanks to VOM and Dr. Inman for all of his great advice and helping us through this case.”
Mary A. Walters
“Miya is a 12-year old calico spayed female DSH that presented to me as a new client/patient emergency. The presenting complaint was sudden onset of decreased activity, breathing problems, anorexia, loose stool, meowing, humched back, and listlessness. This was one day duration. This owner was thrilled to say the least at the fact that I had been trained in VOM and she was searching for an Integrative Medicine Facility. Finances were a concern she had stated. I offered supportive care of VOM treatment and SQ fluids, with an estimate for the diagnostics recommended. She elected VOM (and eventually a Cold Laser treatment). (After one VOM treatment of 3 passes and a Cold Laser treatment) The owner stated the cat was not the same cat she brought in that night and immediately upon arrival back home that same night, she proceeded to jump up on the counter, ate her food aggressively, and her breathing was improved. I suggested weekly VOM follow ups as well as Blood sugar re-checks. The owner reiterated her financial concerns but would follow up again. Treating the subluxations and inflammation with VOM rehabilitation of the nervous system, and Cold laser rehabilitation at the cellular level, allowed healing of the pancreatic tissue and thus averted a diabetic state for the time being. I did alert her to the possibility/probability that this syndrome may manifest itself again. To this date, Miya is still doing well!!”
Janet Gordon Palm DVM