VOM Technology Online Training and Certification Program

Online Courses

  • Same material and cost of the live seminar
  • Certification requirements same as the live seminar
  • Can be done in a few weeks at your convenience
  • Saves time, travel expense and loss of income due to time away from practice

  • Allows you to take the live seminar for free within the calendar year of signing up for the course

  • VOM Technology lends itself very well to on line training as the technology is simple and requires little experience to deliver correctly

  • Covers dogs, cats, horses, bovine, birds and exotics

  • Complete data for Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, Veterinary Myofascial Release, Veterinary Somato-visceral Therapy, and Veterinary Low Level Laser Technology

  • Delivered to any computer, smart phone, Ipad or Android device via internet

  • Can use multiple devices simultaneously, system keeps track of progress on all devices

  • Simple exams for every module confirms assimilation of data

  • Unlimited free support for life via Wm. L. Inman DVM, CVCP, author and originator of all these technologies, including general case consultation (note: Dr. Inman does not work with clients, but rather with VOM Practitioners and on-line students on cases generically as opposed to specifically as is the law)

This online course has been requested for over 15 years and has been compiled and offered since Oct of 2012 to serve potential practitioners in other countries who cannot travel to the US to take a live seminar, or to practitioners who do not have the time to take away from their practice to devote to the live seminar. The on-line course can be backed up by the live course offered at no charge for practitioners who wish to expand their knowledge and application after they have applied the technology in the field and see its potential.

Although it is not required, most on-line students end up taking a live seminar somewhere in the US within a calendar year of the on-line course, again at no charge. It is like getting two courses for the price of one.

CVCP Certification requires for the practitioner to have completed the online course, and to submit 10 clinical cases that have been adjusted at least four times within the practice acts of the state, province, or country that the technology is being delivered. For practitioners who are not licensed as veterinarians in the state, province, or country that they are delivering these services, veterinary affiliation is required. Please contact Dr. Inman for the rules and regulations in various parts of the world pertaining to this requirement. To date over 6000 chiropractors work with veterinary affiliation successfully and easily.

Certification Details

On line certification course $1525, Modules 1-6 plus VL3T Module 1

Live VOM Modules 1-6 plus Low Level Laser $1525 in locations throughout the US (see schedule), free if on-line course is taken

Certification exam fee ($150) waived for on-line students = another savings

To date, VOM live seminars have trained in excess of 8269 graduate doctors. Both veterinarians and chiropractors throughout the world have learned and are applying this technology. It is our goal to bring this technology to as many animals as possible, and to do that we need graduate practitioners to do so. It is our hope that expanding this technology to an online course, allowing people all over the planet to take this technology on at their own convenience, will bring this technology to more animals.